Friday, February 26th, 2016

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Companies can claim 400% tax deductions or 60% cash payout of total training expenditure under the Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) Scheme.

Terms and Conditions apply.

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Small hr Course Information

Date:   26 Feb 2016 (Fri)
Time:   9am to 5pm
Venue:   Concorde Hotel Function Room (f.k.a Le Meridien Hotel) Orchard Road
Fee :   S$500 (NETT) |
S$200 (After PIC Cash)

Inclusive of teabreaks and lunch

Registration is on a 1st come 1st
serve basis. Register early to avoid
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For more information; please contact Jaslyn @ 9767 9686 / 6278 9785 or

Small hr

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1 Day Influential Writing - Writing for Influence and Impact

At different times, customers, suppliers, bosses, colleagues, friends, and family members, each place different communication demands on us, don't they?

They force us to interact, and in moments of pressure, it means we may react, rather than respond. At other times, we ourselves may need instead, to initiate communication.

Though we might prefer to speak to others directly, voice-to-voice may not always be possible. In these cases, we most probably need to write.

Sadly, when others are in a hurry, they may have little time to read what you write, especially if your style turns them off.

So, just how effective are your written communications ...

- Do you always achieve what you originally intended?
- Are you comfortable with the basics of grammar?
- Do you wish your words could be improved?

Effective writing is purposeful and engaging. Grammar is structured in ways that motivate others to read. Unless you cover these basics, you may never influence others to action.

Influential writing needs to go beyond logic. Grammar needs to hook into their emotions: it needs to affect your readers.

This Workshop therefore takes an emotionally intelligent approach to writing. Our focus places considerable attention on engaging your reader, so they read your words.

This is reinforced with a strong belief that good writing, (whether on paper, email or text) begins by understanding others. Only then, can you empathise, connect, and move them in influential ways.
Workshop Objectives
Our intentions are to foster an emotionally intelligent approach to writing. It is an approach that is especially beneficial for those who don't always like writing.

You'll use the skills to reframe your concept of writing. The emphasis helps move your writing mindset from that of a "tiresome chore", to one of a "creative challenge".

Emotional Intelligence sits well at the heart of this soft skills Workshop. EQ will be used to motivate people to read your words, and, influence them into action having read them.
Workshop Outlines
  • Clarifying purpose & intentions when writing
  • Purposefully embracing emotional Intelligence
  • Exploring the core elements in persuasive writing
  • Targeting grammatical fundamentals to cultivate interest
  • Structuring the flow to align your intentions with your audience
  • Emotionally connecting with your readers by exploring storytelling
  • Examining ways to incorporate storytelling elements into your writing
  • Appreciating perspectives and developing rapport by embracing choice
  • Concentrating action to create more understandable, productive words
  • Staying flexible to succinctly shape your stories towards action
Facilitation Approach for Learning
This is an experiential Workshop, which emphasises engagement, interaction, and practice. Participants should expect short presentations that introduce content, experiential activities for skills practise, and group discussions for reflection that deepens their learning.
Who Should Attend This Workshop?
This one-day Workshop is designed for people at all levels who want to feel more comfortable, and become more influential, when writing.
I enjoyed the course greatly. There was a lot of positive energy and engagement between Patrick and the participants

Patrick made his instruction materials informative and easy to understand.
He made us practice what he taught us

Instructor was inspiring and motivating. A lot of hands-on work and examples analysed during the workshop

I loved the storytelling part. Many thanks Patrick for helping me to regain confidence in writing!

Very good balance of lecture & practice to keep the attendees awake! Great slides & music

I learnt that succinct writing and using verbs are important aspects of writing

I like that we are required to write, my learning is applied immediately

Finally, I learnt that EQ is an important aspect for persuasive writing

Overall, this has given me more ideas on writing influential reports

Well facilitated course with useful outcomes. Thank you !
Your Workshop Facilitator: Mr. Patrick O'Brien, CMgr
With a constant appetite for change, Patrick came to realise one very important thing: it's the People that matter in business, personal development and growth counts. His learning delivery approach therefore focuses on building those important soft skills. Training thus scaffolds atop three firm foundations.

First, for learning to stick, it needs to be fun; enjoyment & engagement are precursors to absorption & adoption. Next, for learning to be relevant, it has to be real; it needs collaboration, openness, and a little intensity. Finally, for learning to be desirable, it must match expectations; it has to substantially deliver what it says "on the tin".

Patrick therefore designs Workshop experiences that masterfully combine Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) with a deep Coaching mentality. Both are invitingly interlaced using Improvisational techniques. His diverse background and experience also allow him to facilitate inclusive and valuable learning moments. These are highly engaging, empowering, and, enjoyable.

His life's journey has straddled different countries and cultures in Ireland, England, New Zealand and Singapore. He has worked his way through a variety roles, from individual contributor to Managing Director, in the corporate world. And, he has built considerable business experience along the way in working across sectors such as government, technology, manufacturing, finance, consulting, aviation, telecommunications and the Internet.

His formal education is well rounded: Honours in IT, Masters in Marketing and MBA in Finance. He is also a "Master Practitioner" of NLP, and an enthusiastic author with Articles regularly appearing in the local media. In whatever form you experience his work, you'll always feel his curiously cheerful sense of enjoyment; it shines through.

Patrick is an active member of many international Professional bodies, such as the Chartered Management Institute, the Chartered Institute of Marketing and the Institute of Directors. He is proud to be one of only a small handful of "Chartered Managers" in Asia.

With a warm Irish wit, a love of the "craic" and a big beaming smile, audiences in over twenty-five countries have found his disarmingly unpretentious and conversational approach to learning, to be refreshing and rewarding experiences.
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