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Upcoming Events
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3 December 2015
1 day Say It Right! Pronunciation and Voice Fluency

7 December 2015
Better Business Writing Skills for Administrative Support Professionals

8 December 2015
Speed Reading for Professional to Manage Knowledge

8 December 2015
1 day Proofreading for Zero Grammar Errors

9 December 2015
1 Day Workshop on Managing Challenging and Difficult Employees

9 December 2015
Mind Your English Language and Grammar Brush Up - From Singlish to Standard English

11 December 2015
Beyond 'Hello' - A Practical Guide for Excellence in Customer Care and Loyalty

16 December 2015
1 Day Speaking Persuasively - The Charismatic Communicator

8 January 2016
Telephone Etiquette Mastery

15 January 2016
1 Day Workshop on Developing Emotional Resilience for Success

19 January 2016
Wooing Unhappy Customers in Service Recovery

20 January 2016
1 Day Art of Mentoring - Developing People & Teams for High Performance

21 & 22 January 2016
2 Day Think, Act, Speak and Listen

22 January 2016
1 day Presentational Skills & Techniques: Storytelling

25 & 26 January 2016
2 Day Being a Competent Manager

28 January 2016
High Impact Business and Proposal Writing

28 January 2016
1 day The Powerful Emotions: Passion and Anger

28 January 2016
1 Day Stress and Wellness Management Workshop - Achieving Workplace Wellness & Improve Productivity

29 January 2016
Mastering Effective Time and Stress Management

2 February 2016
Handling Angry, Hostile and Abusive Customers

2 February 2016
1 Day Mastering People-Supervision Skills - Supervising other

18 February 2016
1 Day Workshop on Managing Challenging and Difficult Employees

19 February 2016
Ultimate Guide for Secretary, PA, Admin Managers and Executive Assistant

22 February 2016
1 day Meeting Minutes Made Easy Workshop - How to Prepare, Organize and Write Good Meeting Minutes with Speed and Clarity

24 February 2016
Writing in Response to Customer Complaints

26 February 2016
1 Day Influential Writing - Writing for Influence and Impact

26 February 2016
Powerful Email Techniques to Write Better Emails and Get More Done Faster than Ever Before

26 February 2016
Managing Problematic Discussions for a Positive Outcome

1 March 2016
Mind Your English Language and Grammar Brush Up - From Singlish to Standard English

1 March 2016
Speed Reading for Knowledge Management and Critical Analysis

2 March 2016
1 day Coping With Internal And External Customers

4 March 2016
1 Day Motivational Conversation Workshop

11 March 2016
1 day Workshop Psychology Leadership - Shaping Excellent Leaders

14 March 2016
Body Language & Self-Confidence - Powerful Tools for Effective Communication

15 March 2016
Influencing Difficult People in the Workplace

17 March 2016
1 day Mastering Supervisory and Leadership Skills for New Supervisor and Senior Officers

18 March 2016
1 day Art of Influencing Skills - Getting others to take action, using influence

21 & 22 March 2016
Stop Pushing me Around! Positive Assertiveness in the Workplace

28 March 2016
1 Day in Anger and Stress Management - Defusing Anger into Constructive Energy at Work

31 March 2016
Managing Upset Customers Constructively and Learning from Service Breakdowns



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Qualifying companies may apply for Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC). For more details, please visit www.iras.gov.sg or email picredit@iras.gov.sg
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